Saturday, November 12, 2005

More Art

Here's the last painting I finished... a bit different. It's hanging in my Dining room. My daughters toys are sitting on a table in front of it...ignore those... It's called The Starfruit Tree, and it started as an unfinished painting that I din't know what to do with. I had grown a starfuit tree on a window ledge from a seed (one of my few successes at gardening), and just got inspired one day. I plugged away at this painting for months off and on and it was one of the most enjoyable paintings I've ever done.

New Job

So, I finished at Core, and am starting at IDT Toronto this Monday. It was a great experience at Core, but IDT will be a very nice change. Lots of old friends are there, and it will be a new challenge which is always a good thing! My three week vacation felt like it lasted 3 days. Dammit.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Well, we had another girl! Isabel Johnston, born Oct. 23rd at 9:58 am. Mom and baby are feeling great and we can say goodbye to sleeping in, but it's worth it.